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Architectural Rendering

Watercolors and Pencil Sketches by Kathleen M. Galvin
























New Urbanism
Old Trail Village-

Congress for the New Urbanism-

Codes and Site Design Guidelines
AIA Virginia Conference: Architecture Exchange East November 4-6, 2009
Seminar Presentation: “Making a Form-Based Code in Virginia”

Crozet Master Plan-

Crozet Master Plan-CNU Charter Award for the Region in 2005

Form-Based Code Institute-

Sustainable Planning

Mount Jackson Northern/Western Study-(downloadable pdf)

Places29: The Northern Areas Master Plan and Transportation Study-

Official Website of the Township of Edison, NJ. Go to Smart Growth Planning: Route 1 & Route 27 Corridor Study-Demonstration Plans Part 1 & Part 2.

US 29 North Corridor Transportation Study: Workshop 3-
Summary of Findings (Downloadable PDF)

Eastern Planning Initiative-

Albemarle County’s Neighborhood Model-

Albemarle County’s Neighborhood Model-
CNU Charter Award for the Region in 2004

AIA National-

AIA Virginia-

AIA Central Virginia Chapter-